Welcome at Beardman Studios.
A small one man game development studio.

No I'm kidding, it's just a hobby.

I love working on Games, but usually I just do prototyping. Scope, genre the level of detail are based on my interests. Sometimes I just love to rebuild games or test out a solution.

My Work

Some pieces of my game related projects. Except the secret ones :] Please feel free to ask my anything about it.

Arcade title (WIP)

Arcade title (WIP)

Architecture test

CTF like game (WIP)

Game Assets

Tavern Simulator



Endless driving escape sequence, go for the highscore. Enhanced with explosions, car sliding and money on the streets!

You just robbed a shop and got to your car. But the police is already behind you. Try to escape as long es you can in Berlin'82. If you're can keep it up long enough, you may find more loot to repair your car or increase the score of your heist!

Good luck thief! It won't will be so easy...
And remember: It's not about Berlin in 1982.

Windows PC with Windows 7+ or a Mac OSX 10.x. Some Intel or AMD CPU with a bit of GHz and lots of graphics power if you wanna play it a bit beautiful.

TypeMore SpeedHandbrakeSteering
GamePadButton AButton BD-Pad (Left/Right) or left analog stick
KeyboardArrow UpArrow DownArrow Left and Arrow Right



Triangulation for no reason, go for the highscore.
Enhanced with explosions, power up's and a 3 sec story line!

Welcome, Commander!

You're charge to monitor the Radar Zone 82 to report any suspicious target. Tagged targets have a ID number and they are marked BLUE. Targets without a ID are marked RED on the Radar Monitoring System 3000 [RMS3K]. Triangulate the target send a report. Some targets may have an old ID from the RMS2K-1. They are marked GREEN on the RMS3K screen overlay. You may want to report these targets as well to get some benefits.

Each misleading report or missed target without an ID will have consequences. It should occur no more than three times in a row!
Good luck...

You will need a RMS3K from Beardman Studios or any other Android 4.2+ tablet with a GPU. Phones with a simliar Android version should to the job as well. At least three fingers to triangulate targets and you can see the difference between BLUE and RED on the screenshots.

Touch with three finger on the radar screen to activate the triangulation scanning



Physics based high latency space plong. No really, just another pong like game. Enhanced with clones, obstacles and explosions!

Since the game was finally made in Unity3D it is available for multiple platforms.
Release in Feb. 2014


The game was orinally made on Microsofts XNA Framework for XBox360. I used it to teach myself C# a bit. After two years 4 re-designs I've decided to release it on OUYA. This time for free and with Unity3D as the game engine. Unity helps a lot focusing on the implementation instead fighting with crappy platform related issues. So the port took about 2 days and some other days of polishing.


Even it is a pong based game you can do a more stuff to make the life of your opponent a bit harder. The response time of the paddels is not always the fastet, so if you are not sure where the disc is floating to, you can make a clone of yourself. In some places you will notice some obstacle which you could select and rotate to change the ball direction. And there are of course Explosions! If you time the explosion on the paddel when the disc come closer, it will split up into another disc and floating away from you. But be careful with the usage of these features.


For the OUYA Version of course you will need a OUYA, but on Windows, Mac or Linux you need a Monitor and PC Graphics Adapter which supports the shader model 2.0. Thats it...


Nonsense. A simple test with the LÖVE game engine.

Since the game engine supports the major platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows the game does it too.
Released in Aug. 2013

Download Package


The game was orinally made on vacation... because I love programming all the time. So i decided to take a look into LUA. The game is released as a open source title. You can get the sources here.


You can float around, dodge astroids and shoot them. There several waves to survive. But then it's over.


To play the game you will need to download the LÖVE framework from love2d.org.

About Me

I'm working as a software engineer for about a decade, know to much about weird quality management stuff and try to be a game developer. Since it's only me working on the projects, I can follow any approach to work on. Including explosion and stupid plot twists. :]


I'm always looking for new prototype projects. Feel free to use the contact form for any request you have. Except it's about your broken WLAN Access Point nor about any pharmacy offers.