I conduct gaming experiments
that may or may not be
seriously boring


A small prototype game made for a game jam to create a puzzle and horror event systems for future projects.


Taipingu'82 is a minimalistic learning game for the Japanese writing system. It helps you memorise the Hiragana and Katakana characters in test and training sessions.

Fight for that Ball

A minimalistic football fighting 2D platformer with extensive custom maps support. Fast four-player couch coop fun with obstacles, explosions and a bit of fighting!


A simple typing experience to complement your keyboard. Typed'82 immerses you in an atmospheric typing experience. As you progress and improve your typing skills, the visuals and music set a pleasing environment.


Endless driving escape sequence, go for the highscore. Enhanced with explosions, car sliding and money on the streets!

Three Point Marker

Triangulation for no reason, go for the highscore. Enhanced with explosions, power up's and a 3 sec story line!

Older Stuff

I made some prototypes and test games over time. Mainly to test out game engines, ideas or other technology. Some of them can still be found on my Itch.io account, and others are nothing more than a couple of screenshots.

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